Benny Watts is an arrogant, popular, and very intelligent chess prodigy and a part of the main cast in the Netflix series, The Queen's Gambit. Initially Beth Harmon's most prominent rival, he then becomes her mentor, close friend and love interest.

It is unknown for how long he had held the title of United States Champion before his loss in the Ohio United States Championship, but Benny has been regarded as the most talented American chess player since Paul Morphy, even publishing his own book on his various tactics.

Notwithstanding his hubris, Benny is a wise chess player who has studied a variety of chess playing styles across all time controls. He mirrors Harmon's abilities to visualize chess positions in his head, yet Benny does so without the aid of drugs (a detail which inspires Harmon). Overall, as a coach, he imparts on Harmon valuable experience and self-care which she long ignored, allowing her to succeed against Soviet Grandmaster Vasily Borgov.

He carries around a knife, according to Watts himself for self-defense purposes.

Beth finds him attractive and tells him he has nice hair. Eventually they have sex, though neither have any intention of having a long term relationship.

Benny Watts is played by Thomas Brodie-Sangster.

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