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Methuen Home is a Christian girls' orphanage and former residence to Beth Harmon in the Netflix miniseries, The Queen's Gambit. According to the Harmon's admission in Openings, it is located in Mount Sterling, Kentucky, and it was lead by Headmistress Helen Deardorff from at least 1957 to 1968.


An office near the building's foyer is available for the present headmaster to organize interviews with those seeking to adopt, and to offer counselling for orphans.

The building has at least two stories and a basement, with a residence hall on the second floor. A cafeteria which doubles as a pharmacy, an auditorium, a classroom, and a chapel are centralized on the first floor.


In the auditorium, the entire orphanage watches Coronet Instructional Films, as was standard for public education from the thirties to the eighties.