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When winning
takes everything, what are you left with?

Genius Comes With a Cost...

The Queen's Gambit is a seven part coming-of-age story on Netflix that explores the true cost of genius.

Abandoned and entrusted to a Kentucky orphanage in the late 1950s, a young Beth Harmon discovers an astonishing talent for chess while developing an addiction to tranquilizers provided by the state to sedate the children.

Haunted by her personal demons and burdened with the gift of genius, Beth navigates between her social awkwardness amongst peers and her overconfident ego behind a chessboard. Fueled by a cocktail of narcotics and obsession, she evolves into an impressively skilled and glamorous outcast, determined to conquer the traditional boundaries in the male-dominated world of competitive chess.

The Queen's Gambit is now available on Netflix worldwide.

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